How’s the strategy planning at your creative ad agency?

Do you want more consistently effective advertising from your creative ad agency?

If the powerful multi-skilled planning role is working effectively in your agency it will enhance the effectiveness of your marketing communications. If it is absent or not working well your marcom programs may suffer.
This advisory communication and service is relevant globally in any country – the principles and practices are universal.

When David Brent in Australia and Stephen King and Stanley Pollitt in the UK invented and launched the powerful new multi-skilled, proactive ad agency planning role in 1966, 1967 and 1968 as the answer to overcome a major flaw in ad agencies’ MO many considered it to have –

Helped to create more effective and relevant advertising
Made ad agencies more professional and business-like.

After the powerful new role had proved its very considerable value for ad agencies and advertisers it was recognized as arguably the most important and powerful management innovation in the advertising industry in the past half century or more. It became responsible for estimated potential $billions of added profit annually for ad agencies and advertisers globally due to more relevant and effective advertising, a more professional and business-like modus operandi and improved ROI.

However, the vital ad agency planning role has experienced an unacceptable failure rate in the view of critics in the UK and Australia due to lack of quality multi-skilling, failure to truly understand the role and misplaced overconfidence and egos.

Regular monitoring creative ad agency’s performance

Most major advertisers agree that a commitment to regular monitoring of the creative ad agency’s performance helps to make sure that performance and client communication are at consistently high levels so that any signs of problems may be remedied without delay.

The most critical area of performance to receive attention is strategic planning / major problem solving most particularly as it is the most complex role in the agency due to the need for vital multi-skilling. Any developing problems in strategic planning / major problem solving will have far reaching consequences.

David Brent

Expert Ad Agency Planner

So many people want to be experts. But few can.

David Brent could professionally perform many roles in marketing, market research and marketing communications. But so can many others so he doesn’t regard himself particularly as an expert.

But there is one role in which he is an undoubted expert and undisputed authority– the ad agency planning role. Why? Because he invented it at Unilever in 1965. Furthermore, there is clear evidence that the professional practice he invented in Australia was more multi-skilled and arguably more powerful than the initial planning role launched in the UK in 1967/68. So the reader may be confident that the council he offers is the very best, based upon decades of tough pioneering and valuable experience. Now at a special value price – USD $35.

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