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The best professional client/agency relationship is one of partnership committed to the success of your company. This requires absolute honesty and integrity by the agency management team. The vital role of the agency’s planner can make a major contribution if the planner is well qualified. If you want to know more and to be more sure you’re getting good value from your advertising agency’s planning organization just take the next simple step. It clarifies the agency planning role and at the conclusion helps you to assess your agency’s planning capacity. Remember, planning is a pivotal role and profit builder. The best planning helps to avoid costly errors and it helps to find hidden opportunities for greater effectiveness. That’s the progress every advertiser seeks.

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You have now completed an extremely valuable introductory study of the vital ad agency planning role pioneered by David Brent. It will provide you with a better understanding of the extremely important role and help to alert you to the level of planning efficiency in your agency. This is a rare opportunity for insights into an extremely complex and powerful role which has undergone a range of brilliant successes and also dreadful failures due primarily to wrongly advised and misled ad agency chiefs, under-qualified planners and the politics and practices of some in the advertising industry. Free future updates may be provided on this website.

Very best wishes for the future for you and your company.

I hear and I forget
I see and I remember
I do and I understand
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