About Us

David Brent & Associates is an experienced resource based in Sydney, Australia, that has long specialised in strategic planning and the important role of advertising agency planning. Probably among world leaders in experience as the highly innovative advertising agency planning role was conceived by David Brent in 1965 while at Unilever Australia and successfully launched in a Sydney advertising agency in January 1966. Many successful planner led campaigns followed in several ad agencies, including a Clio Award in New York. Many articles on the advertising agency planning role and associated matters have been published by David Brent in leading business journals. The Planning Hall Of Fame includes David Brent.

The advertising agency [strategic] planning role was recognized as arguably the most important and powerful management innovation in the advertising industry in the past half century or more. It is now valued in $billions annually in global commerce.

The multi-skilled advertising industry planning role is without doubt the most complex role in the advertising agency. Most unfortunately, among too many ad agencies it is also the most misunderstood role, a costly problem for agencies and advertisers.